Unmasking the mystery of Maths!

MisterE Maths Tutor

1-2-1 Maths tuition in the Telford area of Shropshire UK - up to 'A' level.

Lots of students struggle with Mathematics at 'GCSE' or 'A' level. Most could benefit from some 1-2-1 tutoring to improve their skills.

As a qualified teacher, I have a proven record of helping learners fulfil their true academic potential. I fill in gaps in their knowledge and, by reviewing past papers with them, show them how to impress examiners.

My aim is to make lessons exciting and to take pressure off the learner. Individual sessions allow for support and encouragement that may be lacking in more formal environments. Tailoring sessions helps achieve a concentration of support where it is needed most.

About MisterE Maths Tutor


I'm an experienced teacher with a proven track record of achieving excellent examination results. I am married with two children and three grandchildren. 


I graduated from Warwick University in 1974 and, following a brief spell in industry, I served my "apprenticeship" as a Maths / Science teacher at a local comprehensive school in Telford and then spent another ten years at a private school in Birmingham in charge of Physics where I was given the opportunity to set up a Computer Science department from scratch (after a day's training, of course!).

I then spent the next twenty years of my career working in the real world of commercial computing but was made redundant in November 2009. I was fortunate to be offered the post of a Maths / Computer Science teacher at a prestigious international college in Shropshire where I currently work.


B.Sc (Hons) Physics


Contact Dave@MisterE.co.uk for further information.